How to make cool Book Cover design?

The book cover idea, the designer’s raw material

Where shall we start to release a great Book Cover design? Well, some will tell you that you should use Adobe Photoshop to design a great Book cover while others will suggest Adobe Indesign.

But in my opinion the best tools that should always be used first in order to get an efficient visual are a paper and a pen. And there’s an obvious reason for that: Designing a great book cover first means getting a great concept and in second designing an attractive visual out of it.

Wrapping a hot concept into a cold marketing purpose.

A Book cover idea is great if it gives the reader a attractive vision about one angle of the novel. It should focus on a detail about the book’s content without disclosing the story itself. It’s tough.

The best book cover designs often contain one great idea or one powerful concept.

Most of the time mixing different creative concepts gives eventually a more complex visual which gives a more confusing message to the potential customer. Once again less is more.

Which software shall I use in order to design a great book cover template?

Once you get your thinking and purpose right, you then can use the tool you prefer to get the job done! Let’s take examples, this cover was design in Photoshop, and this one in Indesign.

Why Book Cover design is so important?

Book cover design is critical in the process of purchasing a book. It provides the publication with its own unique identity. Packaging has the same role for everyday products and we all know a much branding and colors influences our purchase behaviour. A book cover design is what pops first at the eyes of any potential book buyer.

What is the difference between a book cover, a book jacket and a book sleeve?

The three of them can be considered as synonyms sometimes. But in reality a book cover is the permanent cover of the publication while the book jacket or  book sleeve are removable.

Books often have both a cover and a jacket. Book jackets are often use to promote the volume in more attractive or creative way.

Is there some good Book Cover artists in Montreal?

Yes there is! Dorian Danielsen will design your Book Cover in Montreal. He is a great Designer and Illustrator who spent his entire carrier in Magazines and Books edition.

How long does a Book Cover designer take to create one great book cover ?

It depends on your project and on how detailed your brief is at the beginning. Sometimes projects with poor brief can become the most creative ones. Some other times not having an accurate brief brings to too many back and forth between the edition company and the designers.

Where to read a book in Montreal?

Try to sit in a parc during summer time. During winter it might snow on your pages!

You can check Dorian Danielsen’s illustration work here.